All About us

How we got to where we are today

Chadd and Blake Wright

Born and raised in the mountains of northwest Georgia, we hunted, fished, laughed, learned, lived and fought together. Throughout childhood and into early adulthood an everlasting bond of brotherhood was forged that would later birth a project that would change the world.

As we entered adulthood in 2006 our paths diverged. Chadd decided to join the Navy and pursue his dream of being a Navy SEAL while Blake stayed home to finish high school and college and establish roots in what he thought he would enjoy doing the rest of his life.

Chadd went on to have a successful career in the SEAL teams serving as a Team Leader on multiple deployments, a SEAL instructor and Master Training Specialist. Retiring in 2019, he is now a business owner, entrepreneur, competitive Ultrarunner and husband.

Blake went on to finish college with a bachelor of science degree in business management,  become a law enforcement officer, SWAT team member, entrepreneur, Ultrarunner, husband and father.

Although we were separated physically for many years we still spoke on a regular basis about life, struggles, and normal brotherly things. During one of our conversations we came upon the idea of building a brand that was dedicated to helping others become more complete, and out of that 3-of-7 was born.

3-of-7 project is the place where our passions, desires, and paths have merged, and we have combined our past experiences to create a project dedicated to assisting in your becoming the best version of yourself.  After more than a decade of separation, the greatest mission in our lives is now unfolding and we are excited to have you on the team!


what we believe at 3 of 7

At 3-of-7, we believe that mankind was created in the image and likeness of God. We, as human beings consist of 3 parts a Body, Soul and Spirit just as God is comprised of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. This is what the “3” in 3-of-7 is represents.

The number “7” in 3OF7 represents a totally complete life where we lack nothing and have the tools and ability to help others and meet all challenges, physically, mentally and spiritually head on.

To achieve completeness, help others and enjoy the fullness of life that God intended for us, we have found that all three aspects of mankind must be fed, directed and disciplined individually. Only when the Body, Soul and Spirit are sharpened and in unison can we experience a complete and abundant life.


Our logo

Our Logo

We feel that our logo has a great deal of meaning and would like the opportunity to explain it to you in detail. If you look closely “3 of 7” is encompassed within our logo to makeup the skull. The significance of it making up the skull is to show many pieces coming together to make it whole. It illustrates that just as the body, soul and spirit make your being complete, so does the “3 of 7” complete our logo. The skull is representative of the bones of our mission which is to bring life and purpose to others who have gone dry by giving real life applications on how to strengthen every area of their being. The final piece of our logo is the bird on top of the skull. The bird represents new life and new ideas coming from the mind and is positioned for takeoff. We hope that you find our logo as cool as we do, and hope that it gives a deeper understanding of what 3 of 7 stands for.