The Proving Ground 


Bring what you know. Learn what you don’t. Execute the mission.

The Proving Ground is the premier experience-based, personal growth, and leadership development event in the nation.

Presented by Three of Seven Project.

Created and hosted by former US Navy SEAL and Ultrarunner Chadd Wright along with his most trusted advisors and partners Blake Wright, Nathan Hicks and James Ward. 

This is not your typical conference. The Proving Ground is a highly experiential event designed to take your mindset, leadership and teamwork skills to the next level. 

During this experience, you will learn, develop, and implement the tactics, techniques and procedures that are required to achieve victory on the battlefield of life.

Prepare your body, soul and spirit for growth. Pick up your strength. Invest In yourself, because life is your proving ground.

Be on time.

Be on target.

Be ready to train.

To register go to-

The clock is ticking...... you only get one chance at life.

Limited to 24 students

Nuff said.

The next course is Jan. 7-9, 2022