The Proving Ground 


Bring what you know. Learn what you don’t. Execute the mission.

To reveal every detail of The Proving Ground mission would be cheating you out of your full potential to grow.

This is your opportunity to sign up, show up and execute a mission that is completely unique and relatively unknown.

What you need to know:

The Proving Ground is a mission built around proven training methodology used to create the most effective warriors on earth.

You will be expected to listen, learn and execute new skills, tactics, techniques and procedures in order to accomplish The Proving Ground mission.

You will be challenged on all 3 levels of your person. Body, soul and spirit.

You will be mentored and held to the highest possible standard.You will become a stronger, more effective leader and team member.
There are no prequalified physical standards required. You can complete The Proving Ground mission. I promise.
You will leave The Proving Ground better than you arrived.

Nuff Said,

-Chadd Wright

Be on time.

Be on target.

Be ready to train.

The next course is Jan. 20-22, 2023

Registration is via application only. 

Send your application to with your w's.

-Who you are

-Why you should be at The Proving Ground

-What you want to get out of the mission

If you are selected you will receive a reply with a registration link. not all applicants will receive a reply.

The clock is ticking...... you only get one chance at life.

Limited to 24 students