Chadd retired in 2019 after a successful career in the U.S. Navy SEAL teams, where he served as a Team Leader on multiple deployments, a SEAL instructor and Master Training Specialist.
Chadd is now a business owner, entrepreneur, competitive Ultrarunner, keynote speaker and husband.
He continues to serve as the personal mindset coach for former professional athletes and high profile entrepreneurs. Chadd also speaks frequently at corporate leadership team events, mastermind groups and athletic events around the world.
Chadd is passionate about sharing his most valuable lessons learned through powerful real life stories.
He relates his knowledge acquired during over a decade of service as a U.S. Navy SEAL and top ultra-athlete to his audience, giving them practical tools to conquer obstacles in personal or professional life.

Don't take it from us, see for yourself what our past audiences have said:

“Chadd's delivery is very authentic and the message is more than advice - it's what he lives by every day.  That kind of commitment to the message speaks volumes.  Without question he was the highlight of the week and several times I heard a teammate tell another to "check their rudder" when they were being negative. So awesome to see! We also scheduled 3 workouts for the week and after Chadd's talk there was close to 100% participation for the remainder of the week.” - Dustin Cordier, President at JetAVIVA

“The way he talked to the general staff and leadership teams in such a different style meant that all areas of the business learned something that could be translated to their role and function. He was fantastic.” -Kevin Richards, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles New Zealand

“Chadd has so many amazing life experiences that he shares. He provides immediate actionable takeaways that anyone can apply to their daily lives… and that is what makes him such a powerful speaker.” -Jessie Itzler, Camp BYLR

“The greatest impact was hearing the “tools” that worked for you in the various situations you found yourself in and how you applied them.”- PJ Nardy, Owner/Partner at Southeast Lineman Training Center

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